November 9th -12th

  • Travel to New Hope, PA by bus or van, leaving New England around Noon to 2pm with stops for pickups. Starting in Maine then NH then Boston, and then CT/NY. This takes the driving off most everyone and will give us all more social time together  as we travel. This is actually a part of the trip I am really looking forward to.
  • 3 Night stay in a double room. The price is per person but I do have a few single rooms which will be a little more expensive but those who have asked me about this already know and understand this point.
  • Meals & Show included until Sunday night which you will be on your own. Meet & Greet Game night with Hot and Cold Apps, 3 mornings of Hot & Cold Breakfast. Saturday Night Dinner & Show. Sunday night activity TBA.
  • Monday morning 10am departure.
  • We will be staying at a Hampton Inn and I have blocked 28 rooms from all of you who have said they were going. The price per person will be  $380.00  and  $485.00  for single rooms for those who didn’t want to share and not a couple. Yes, this is a little more than usual but please remember travel and an extra night stay is also included in this price with an extra meal.
This trip will be paid in 3 installments so no one has to pay all at once up front. But you need to make sure those installments are to me when due because I have to pay for certain parts of the trip by certain times. It will be:
  1. $125.00 due on or before  April 5th
  2. $125.00 due on or before  June 15th
  3. $130.00 due on or before September 15th
  • The Dinner Show and the Meet & Greet will be held at The Raven. Breakfast will at the hotel we are staying in.
** If you are driving yourself then let me know the price will be cheaper for you because I have to minus out the travel portion for you. Please get back to ASAP. Need to hear back from everyone that said yes and anyone else that is interested. I can’t get extra spaces like I usually get. This is first reply, first get. WOOF!
Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
trans no-trans transp no-transp
5-Apr $130 $110 $162 $144
15-Jun $125 $110 $162 $143
15-Sep $125 $105 $161 $143
Total $380 $325 $485 $430
Pay for your excursion with Venmo: Venmo no longer allows paying from a browser, please look for the Venmo app on Apple store or Google Play. Then search for @ Gordon-Michaels or by email: