Todd Edwardson

I had an amazing weekend at Bears By The River 2018. There were a number factors making this a great getaway:
  • Impeccable planning: every detail was well thought-out and planned for, for maximum comfort, convenience, camaraderie and fun. We had plenty to do in and around New Hope. The only complaint I have is "I wish there were more hours in the day.”
  • Great accommodations: starting with the van (which was very comfortable) transported us smoothly to New Hope without worry. Even though it poured rain, we all had a great time getting to know each other. The hotel was really nice and the staff bent over backwards to make our stay stress-free. The rooms were all newly renovated, the beds comfortable and the rooms very clean.
  • Great food: The hotel breakfast was really very good. Plenty of choices for a buffet breakfast. The Raven’s appetizers at Friday’s meet-n-greet were excellent and plentiful. The dinner at The Raven Saturday night was absolutely delicious and filling. My steak was done perfectly and the dessert? What can I say about that cheesecake? Exquisite comes to mind.
  • Libations: negotiating happy-hour prices for the group, all-night and throughout the whole weekend at the Raven was a truly remarkable benefit. The wine tasting at the movie-n-pizza party was excellent. A great choice of wines coupled with Gee’s knowledge of wine made the tasting really informative and fun.
  • Great entertainment: Gee and Alexia really gave us quite a show; reviving Gee’s Aretha Franklin tribute show. And Michael Larson on piano is always a great combo. Each song was played and sung beautifully and really entertained everyone, including some locals who just couldn’t resist.
  • Great attendees: last-but-not-least, the guys in the group really made this weekend shine. Everyone was friendly, open and welcoming and open to fun. I made life-long friends at this weekend. And Victor, oh Victor! You picking up the microphone at Karaoke Sunday night really got everything going.
I can’t wait for the next excursion.