Alexia Motley

Hi Gordon, I was so happy to be an part of the Beas4music weekend once again. It was lovely to see old friends and make new ones. The accommodations were lovely as always. All of the eateries were wonderful. The Morning Dove has great mattresses. The 24 hour availability of tea offerings really put it over the top for me anyway. Of course my favorite times are when I get to sit and talk with you while we dine. A few nice moments were: designing a kitchen in the house that Chris and I would need to have bought to fit the huge wooden carving of a calendar in that we found in one of the shops; the Morning Dove gang trying to find movies to nod off to on Saturday night; talking with Paul K and JP; seeing Derrick again; the celtic dancing that Gordon felt the need to share with us during the catch phrase game and Tom who was quite concerned when I was quietly sitting and reading magazines in the kitchen on Friday night (no one told him I was a nerd). Stay just as warm as you all are now and life will be pretty good. I look forward to seeing you all again.