This was my second time attending the "Bears By the Sea" event and even though it was smaller than the year before it was still very enjoyable.  I stayed at the Morning Dove (in Grandma's Attic) that was charming, clean and quiet with wonderful hosts Rich & Rob who surprised all of us staying there with a home-cooked breakfast on Sunday.  I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable place to stay...Thanks guys!  The other couples that stayed there Tom & Lee and Howard & Drew became my hangout buddies the whole weekend.  Tom & I went on a walk down Marginal Way after having breakfast at Katie's on Saturday then met up with his partner and other guys from the event at a small cafe for hot chocolate and coffee.  Ogunquit certainly is a great place to window shop!  I want to give a special thanks to Tom at the Ogunquit House for opening his place for the Friday night gathering.  I was first to arrive at his home where I was to meet Gee (running late!  :-O ) to help set up the buffet and Tom & I had a nice chat over coffee, being very gracious and not at all phased while talking about how I got started in the culinary profession and why I enjoy history...thanks Tom for listening in!  This years' gathering was smaller, almost half the size than last year, but I liked that because I was able to sit with different guys at different events to get to know them more on a personable level...Thanks Gee for making this year's event a complete success!  I too am looking forward to next years' gathering!