-Chris O. (Cub)

I haven’t been to many bear social gatherings before so when the occasion arises, we take the initiative to go (when we can). Although this has only been my second Bears by the Sea event, it is always a pleasure to attend and I recommend for any new men (especially cubs like myself) to go as well.

I’m a shy person as it is, but this event made me realize I don’t have to be and it helped me break away from that shell (a little bit- a step at a time is all it takes) and got to meet a lot of great guys.

Great entertainment, food/drinks…Because it was a larger group this year, the group did have to be split up to accommodate certain areas (such as breakfast) I do have a little bit of social anxiety so larger crowds make me feel a little uncomfortable (slowly but surely I hope to overcome that.) Capping the event with a smaller guest list I would recommend as to try to get to know more people within the short time that we are there.

The event is a nice social get-together to make new friends and I do think it met its goal of the mission statement.