Colin Scott Therrien

Hi Gee, I very much appreciate all the work and energy that you especially put in to make the trip possible. It's always good to meet new potential friends. For most every negative thing about the trip ,there was for me a positive flip side such as :
  1. Looooong van ride....tedious & took forever but the long trip did provide a great bonding experience for us travelers
  2. Expense of trip.......a bit too much money but the extra day made the traveling more bearable
  3. Distance from hotel to the Raven....didn't allow van folks to leave when they might choose to but it also provided more bonding van time.
Other positives:
  • Very nice hotel accommodations
  • The Raven was a cool venue,especially the dinner there was great
  • Enjoyed walking around New Hope
Other negatives;
  • There were really only 2 total "get to know you "group activities......the initial meet & greet w/games & the poorly attended wine tasting /movie event , but guess one can't make people attend !  🙂
When all is said & done, I think I would choose not to attend another event as far away as New Hope. Thanks again for all you do !