I enjoyed the weekend very much, and look forward to next year. You out did yourself this year and I hope you will continue to do this event. I'm seriously considering N Y E, but that depends on a few things. Once again a HUGE THANK YOU!!!! Bears on the Mountain was an excellent weekend. I attend these events for 2 reasons; (1) my husband really likes bears and (2) I am on a journey to accept all body types & dwell more on the individual personality. Bears tend to have no attitude & most are very caring and accepting men so I really appreciated the atmosphere of this group. I always meet some very genuine men & with each weekend ,I get to know the regular attendees better, which is very good. Specifically regarding the Bears on the Mountain event, I thought the staff was amazing---very helpful & totally and genuinely accepting of our group. As far as food goes, I eat for sustenance & nutrition so it didn't bother me that the food wasn't hot or particularly tasty. I know it can be difficult to present 25 or so hot meals all at once. The Golden Eagle Resort had a great pool & hot tub and a large gathering place. The private pool party was a great idea. If larger signs had been posted on entry doors, it would have been more obvious to non-event people that the pool was not available to them. Maybe the word "CLOSED" in big red letters followed by "private party" and then the hours would have worked better. The organized group activities and the free time were all appreciated. I would like to continue to attend these events because I really like the companionship of all the men. Big thanks to all who made it possible, especially to Gee !!