As for the trip, I appreciated being around a group of nice guys and Alexia (she was amazing). Here are my other thoughts on the weekend. Thanks for including me in the van rides I liked our hotel, but wonder if we could have stayed closer and still found reasonable lodging. It was good that meals were covered in the costs already.  Wow we had a different experience at the Raven each night, I would like to have gone some place else one of the nights (perhaps Friday since your show and Karaoke were worth attending).  It was nice to not have to go out Sunday. I would never have watched that movie.  The option to do things with or without the group was nice for balance.  The payment plan with reminders was good too.  There were more couples then I realized and seemingly fewer people around my age and culturally diverse. I wonder if this is always the case or if there are ways in which other men of color might consider attending.  I didn't love the name tags (particularly in public settings) but understood their need somewhat.  I think those are all of my thoughts for now. Thanks for asking.