Don A.

I really appreciate all the work you did, it was a big group. The weekend was awesome, very fun. It’s my second year. GAME NIGHT: unfortunately so many guys and the games or lack of smaller groups created some people to disengage, and not be as connected as last year. Next year I can bring some more games for the group if you’d like. Trivial pursuit worked out really fun last year ( I think that’s the one I played. Maybe even charades(?) NAME TAGS: I am terrible at remembering names and having some name tags would be great, or a big group introduction and say your name and where you’re from. (Group selfies?) The food was delicious. I didn’t help do prep but I did clean up so I felt involved. The guys that helped, really helped in the bonding, such great guys. SPACE: I liked it, since there were so many guys it wasn’t too crowded MASSAGE/masseuse: loved it, LUKE was great , no stigma of not having a gym body. Breakfasts- loved it. I did the early one on Saturday, loved it. Smaller group- great service. Entertainment- you’re fantastic, wish it was longer. For me I’m a a Broadway /movie guy, maybe a piano bar set up, I think that was involved last year with a mixed crowd, great time. Seeing faces from last year was wonderful You: amazing, fantastic, so sweet, and cute and sexy. (Did you have fun??) Maybe delegate some small tasks for people so you’re not so frazzled. Clean up, beverage set up, bring your drink of choice. I should have brought a lot of Diet Coke, I forgot. All in All, I LOVED IT! and I appreciate all of your attention to detail. So, I hope this is constructive, I loved it, I’m sorry you lost out on money. Charge a little more, I’d definitely pay more. I don’t know about the other guys. But 10$ more would help your pocket for your time. I hope this helps anyone else that might be thinking about attending these events!