George N.

The Bears By The Sea 10th anniversary trip was as always an amazing weekend of fellowship and fun. The hotel as always was a beautiful clean and attractive space as always. The meet and greet party and food were tremendous and a good ice breaker, especially since there were twice as many form years earlier. I laud all the work that went into the weekend on your part and on the parts of others, many thanks for arranging all our activities and meals and especially the show. Additionally the caterer from Boston for the show and her home town cooking for all of us . Thanks to Luke for coming to Maine and being our massage therapist and also for participating and spending social and fellowship time with all of us. Also the choice of restaurants was spot on as always. If anything were to change , I would say let's cater the meet and greet and increase the price accordingly, and take the pressure of shopping and cooking and prepping off our esteemed host, especially since we have doubled in size. I also think a new location could breathe some fresh air into out group as out mission was to expand our friendships and fellowships within a reasonable travel area. Many Thanks,