Hello Gee; This year was too big. There were too many men for the size of the space. When we used Moon over Maine, there was the front room where people would gather, talk about their day, their plans, or just good things in general. Did you know that I have been in a committed relationship with Eric since July 2? Or that the reason I chose the bakery that I did is because I am now part owner (for about another year. How about that I had a quilt hang in the National Quilt Museum, or that 2 of my quilts hung at Houston Quilt Market last week? If I had slept better last night, I would probably be on the road home right now. I got to dinner at 5:15 to find that the only available seat for dinner was with Alexia's coat. I went to each table and was told that it was either filled, or reserved for someone else. I ate dinner alone, which was ok, except for Paul who came over and kept insisting that I had chosen to eat alone and ignore everyone else. That was the last straw. I know that you usually look to me when you are in concert for a smile when you think that things are not going well. I knew that there was no way that I could paste on a fake smile tonight, so I chose to leave. I am going to skip breakfast in favor of an earlier start for my drive home. I'm sure that the concert went well.