Jay A. :)

Thoughts:  The mission statement was met, in no uncertain terms.  The food was good and there was a general positive sense which is unusual and absent in bear-runs.  The entertainment esp on Sat night was really sweet and thoroughly enjoyable.  The itinerary was well planned and executed. I guess the only improvements I can recommend is a) the whole games night thing, while its supposed to foster interaction, actually forms isolated cliques.  I suggest keeping everyone social in a protracted cocktail hour.  To counter clique-ing, I suggest you and a designated few people work the crowd and shift groups that appear to be cut off or isolated.  The games cause islanding and because one has to concentrate on the playing the game, one does not get to just talk to  and get to know people. Also keeping everyone in ONE living situation I think is better than multiple locations - easy access to each other. Otherwise, I say job well done and I look forward to the next one - which is odd as I generally hate the personalities I meet in the Bear community. Hope this helps