Jeff W. & Ron C.

Ron and I are sitting here discussing the event and the first thing that comes up is we had such a great time. For me it was a new experience coming at the event from a different angle. Having my partner with me was an amazing experience, as was the first time I came solo,  in that we shared the event and got to travel down to NH for an afternoon of shopping and sightseeing. Meeting all the new guys was another highlight for both us. Ron enjoys the camaraderie and even though this was one of your bigger events it still met what we expected with regards to an intimate run. We got the chance to connect with new folks whom we otherwise would never have had the chance to meet. One thing we noticed is many seemed to not know what was going on after the show or if they were expected  or needed to help close up the area. We realize that challenges came up and venue change came up but even with that it seemed to work out well. Other than improving communication during challenging situations, we think that having go-to appointed people to execute things in your absence would help things run more smoothly & take some pressure off of you. This would also allow you to enjoy the event more instead of you working every hour until you are done on Sat night.