Jim B.

I am very thankful to have met Gee and all the men on this adventure.  The food was amazing, and Gee pays special attention to cost control which is greatly appreciated.  I missed the show this year due to illness.  🙁  The inn is perfect, clean and cozy.  I would not change anything there.  I would like to see less burden on Gee, and increased cost for help with catering in advance for the trip. I also think that the work should be done by a committee and not all by Gee.  Thank you for an exceptional event!!!! Both days of breakfast were amazing this year BTW.  Oh, next time, build the tip into the cost so you don't need to collect it in advance and can promise it to the restaurant in advance too.  🙂 As in previous years, I took away that men can be friends and enjoy each other's company without sex being a focus.  I now have friends in local states that I can call on and do things with. I also took away a sense of belonging that is sadly lacking in my life just now.  I have a sense of great gratitude to be a member of this group of men. I would like to see this event happen twice a year.  Once in Ogunquit and once in Provincetown both off season.  This can only work if the responsibility is shifted. At minimum, though, I'd love to see the annual event continue!  BTW, the committee can also work on a sponsored night by membership folks and NOT Gee (IE. Friday night social food by members and not Gee.) Did you experience what I said it would be? Simply, YES!  True to your mission and a great group of men. Did it meet my mission statement to how it was sold to you? Yup, any event you have sponsored has my full support!