Jim F

Good Afternoon, My thoughts of the weekend was one nervousness, due to not knowing what to expect from myself and the other bears at the event. But having someone there with you who has been to other events is not only comforting but it helps with the meet and greet and all of the other things that we got to do the rest of the weekend. All of the activities from game night (meet & greet), Dinner and show ( which were fantastic) the theme was perfect for the weekend. Also the time we got to spend in the pool, hot tub, and sauna was great fun and for me it was a comfortable way to get to know more about some of my new friends. The venue ( The Golden Eagle in Stowe VT) was the perfect spot for the weekend. The staff was more than accommodating, the rooms were comfortable, and the food was delicious. Lastly, I would like thank you for the invite, after I started to relax it was a very enjoyable weekend and one I will remember till the next time we get together. Thanks ,