Hey Gee, I think the venue this year was great.  It was definitely helpful to have the Golden Eagle Resort staff to help cater to us.  Things in walking distance made it a lot easier as well.  It was great to see old friends and make new ones.  We would definitely do it again next year. Some things to consider for next year: I feel like a longer massage would be better. Game night was tough for us because it was definitely hard to hear when giving clues for celebrity taboo. I’d either not seat people so close to each other or leverage additional rooms. Like Jenna could be in the game room and the blocks could be set up on the pool table.  Also we could get more games like “heads up”, or something which may be a little easier for people like me who’s not a walking IMDB and as old as others. Movie night was fun and I think the PJs was relaxing.  I would suggest maybe throwing out ideas for movies and have a majority vote on what to see.  Other than that, everything else was amazing.  Thanks again for putting the time and effort into organizing this.  Without this gathering, I wouldn’t have met a great group of guys. Looking forward to next year as well.