Luke B. – LMT

Bear By the Sea 2017 in Ogunquit Maine- I was the massage therapist for this event. I had little expectations other than to work. Bear events are typically great for business. This was no exception it was a very busy event with 14 scheduled massages over the course of three days. Looking at this event as the massage therapist I got to meet 13 wonderful guys that I had the privilege to bring them bodywork. It was quite a physical task for me. These are all big guys. Big guys require more effort and physical output. I managed to get through the task. I wish there was a way to spread the massages out over the course of the day. Next year even more self-care will be required, I did cramp up one night. But all in all it was great!!!! Great guys; I did wonderful business; and all the clients ran smoothly. The event is a heartfelt weekend of bonding amongst MEN & “Bear Men”. Many bear events are huge circuit parties with tons of booze and wild parties and the attitude that comes along with playing the game. Bears By the Sea was sold and marketed as the opposite. Oh there was adult beverages but if was and event for getting to know your fellow man. It lived up to and exceeded expectations. It was truly fun and socially connecting to attend an event where you could talk to any attendee instantly as if you knew them for many years. It was a quiet event one where you could talk to someone, hear them, understand them, respect them, and add to the conversation. It was a place for those, like myself, that are not so comfortable in large loud thumping format events, to unwind and just be part of the group without barriers. The mission for the event was clear and if not beaten into our heads by Gee, was it fully met. I enjoyed those parts of the event I had the pleasure to attend.