I had a great time, impressed with quality of the Golden Eagle and its staff and food..You know you and i think alike about getting a mens group together without the premise of being a "sexual" event..I felt warm and welcomed, and finally comfortable enough in a group to come out of my shell and socialize..For many years ive wished for such events, and im proud to have been a part of Bears On The Mountain 2019..I had no idea of the group or the weekend event but this came to me with very short notice and a welcomed gift from my friend George, celebrating my 1st year of sobriety..It was great to escape and relax, reflect and celebrate..Altho our weekend was cut short by an unexpected illness of George' mom I left Stowe with a warm heart and looking forward to becoming a part of the group..I did speak with a few members but I met one in particular that shared the same knowledge as i have, that being our love of being car guys and talking tech a few times. Thank you Lee ! The show was great also, all three performers definitely talented vocally and hats off to you all..Jimmy’s rendition of John Denver's “Rocky Mountain High” brought tears to my eyes, reminiscent of watching his show as a child with my late parents. Javelle's performances were incredible with his vocal range, fun personality, and soul put into “A Change Is Gonna Come” and you Sir have my thanks for not only your performance but for putting together an event that has changed my opinion on socializing with other men in a public event..I look forward to future events, and having more time to socialize..Thank you to everyone for making this introverted auto mechanic feel comfortable and confident enough to socialize..Peace to you all !