Rich G.

I love the relaxing and safe atmosphere.   I've met and continue to meet great guys each year.  I know that these men will be friends for life.  I always look forward to this event.  It is my favorite event of any event I've ever attended.  The food and drink was excellent as always. The talking and experiencing things with the bears is very enriching.   I really appreciate everything you do for this event. Gee you are the greatest taking on this enormous (and I mean enormous) task. Game night was kinda a bust with the acoustics in the room. It was hard to hear others and when we stopped to clean up, folks disappeared thinking the night was over. Also, a suggestion would be to keep the house open for guys to hang out in.  Guys go off to do touristy things and some guys just sorta hung out in their room until the next activity.  it would be great to have a continuous location for people to meet up and hang out together.  I know the house needs to stay secure but some guys can volunteer to take shifts to stay at the house during the day. As always, it was a huge success and I've been hearing from other guys about how much fun they had too. Thanks again! Hugs,