Gee, Please put my name on your list for the next Bears by the Sea weekend. It was the most excellent weekend!   What a fun time.  I couldn't stop talking about it to my friends at work.  Just a bunch of great guys, lots of fun, joking, top notch music by Gee/Alexia/Eddie/Martin. There was food, drink, games and free time to experience your own things in town or just stay back at the bed & breakfast and chat and reflect.  You really know how to put together a weekend.  It was the best weekend ever!!! So many highlights stand out in my mind when I think back about the weekend. From the food to the entertainment, followed by the planned and the pleasantly surprising unplanned.  But the most enjoyable and welcoming feeling was the game night.  I really enjoyed game night.  It was definitely the first "Must Attend" event for the weekend and a great way to kick off this weekend.  Since having relocated back to Maine and not being into the bar scene, I find it difficult to get out there and make friends.  Game night was the perfect way to meet and interact with new faces.  There were so many great guys with wonderful qualities.  There's nothing like joking and laughing up a storm until your sides ache with folks that you've just met.  I was able to hang out with all the guys for the rest of the weekend.  It made me feel like I'd known them for years Thanks again for a great weekend.  I look forward to seeing you and all the bears on the next Bears by the Sea weekend. XOXOXO