Richard R. B, -Ph.D.

I must preface my review with information about myself. I have a debilitating chronic disease, and consequently, I am fatigued, in pain and usually have a headache. The symptoms are just a few of them and they can become quite severe. I was very much looking forward to bears by the sea, especially because you said the camaraderie was unusually high and the participants are so happy to see each other, etc. Perhaps it is because it was my first time, but when I tried to join groups that were sitting or standing, I was ignored. My expectation was that we would be sitting in a large area and each person having something to say, one at a time, and order to get to know everyone. So the first night I went over and sat down by myself and eventually two or three guys who did not know anyone else came and sat with me. So we formed a group of three or four guys in that salvaged the trip for me. The accommodations were excellent, as was the food and drink. On the night that we played various group games, I was extremely uncomfortable due to the noise level. I hung out as long as I possibly could but then had to go to bed. The following night I think you were looking for me but I had gone home early again. That’s normal for me. I thought you did a great job organizing the event and it was certainly worth the money that was charged. I’m sorry that it turned out to be insufficient and you had additional problems. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for everything you did for the Bears.