Rob S.

Hi Gee, I thought the weekend logistically was perfect. I think you went above and beyond on the food and could  easily simplify the menu. It was a big deal for me to go and mingle without knowing anyone. I had a great time. The show was awesome, all 3 of you were amazing. I would have been happy with pizza and a salad. Or tacos and a salad. It's all about the fellowship. Thank you again for the great weekend. Thank you for a great weekend getaway. I loved Ogunquit, it’s a great little town that is very friendly. The inn was very with nice big spacious rooms. I enjoyed the entire weekend. I will rank my favorite things.
  1. The show was awesome. I enjoyed all 3 performers.
  2. Game night and social was allot of fun. A relaxed time to meet people. And get to know them.
I enjoyed many other things as well.  I liked how everyone chipped in and worked together to help out with logistics. The final breakfast at the omelette factory was cozy also. Hope to do it again.