Scott T. from Maine

This was an outstanding weekend, Gee, and it was everything you said it would be. Any of us that are living in rural New England know the difficulty of meeting quality men who are looking for more than a quick hook-up via an online site. You have given us an opportunity to come together with such a great group of men to explore the friendship that we are all craving. The opportunity to be ourselves for a weekend rather than a pic and profile on someone's social media is a rare thing in 2019. Thank you for that and for allowing me to interact and get to know such a friendly group of men.

I had never been to Stowe, VT before; it is a typical, quaint New England town. Small but with everything you would need for a weekend getaway. The Golden Eagle Resort was extremely attentive to our group and did what they could to correct any issues. I agree with you in that because everything we needed and actually did as a group was RIGHT THERE that it brought us closer together and gave us more of a chance to get to know each other.

Sometimes a game night works out and sometimes it doesn't. It may depend upon the game selection or the members at the table. But the bottom line is that it was our first opportunity to learn about each other, study and learn names via the name tags, and just relax into the weekend. I'm so glad that we had a massage therapist again this year. He worked his magic on me as I was constantly falling asleep because of his relaxing touch. Your show is always a highlight,and I enjoyed your theme and song selections featuring River, Mountain, and Woods. Movie night in our PJs was great fun too. And pool time -- 30 bears in bathing suits with no attitude nor fear. Bliss.

Bad thing about the weekend -- having to go home.
Thanks for the opportunity and the memories.