Steve S.

My thoughts on the "Bears by the Sea 2017" weekend: - It was generally a nice getaway weekend for me. I rarely travel (due to the cost of traveling, plus the fact that I'm a loner), so it was a refreshing change of pace for me. Plus, I had never been to Ogunquit, Maine, before. So it's always nice to experience a new location. - I did very much enjoy the food that was prepared and served on both nights of the weekend, plus the interactive group games that we played on Friday night. I'd agree doing that again, but maybe allowing even more time for the games. The games are a great ice-breaker for sure. Maybe more trivia games about pop culture that groups can play would be an idea. - The entertainment Saturday evening was wonderful! I really enjoyed all the music and singing. And yes, you sure do have quite the set of pipes. - The organization for the breakfasts for Saturday morning (i.e breaking it up into groups) went pretty well. I can't recall the name of the place you reserved for Saturday morning, but the food was excellent. However, if this event keeps growing in attendance, I'd imagine it will be more challenging to organize everyone going to the same place for breakfast (even if it was broken up into groups), since the number of restaurants serving breakfast in that general vicinity are limited (esp. in November), as is each location's seating space. It may make sense in the future to find a hotel/motel/inn that has its own connected restaurant which offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner; that way, it may not be necessary to organize the meal into groups, and the attendees can just meet up at that restaurant (which likely won't have as many patrons who aren't staying at the hotel/motel/inn). - Too bad the inn we stayed at didn't have an indoor pool. I was actually looking forward to going for a dip. LOL. - Outside of the evening festivities and activities and the morning group breakfasts, I didn't do much else during the weekend. I tend to be an introvert and a loner (like I said), so I stayed in my room and either watched TV and/or did Internet stuff (no, not porn). I did venture out Saturday afternoon and went to one of the stores up the road that sold plenty of touristy stuff that you could only find in Maine; I think it's named Reny’s (this was on recommendation from one of the other event attendees with whom I was sitting at the Saturday morning breakfast). I picked up a few things at Reny’s to give as Christmas gifts to one of my cousins. - I'm not all that much of a booze drinker (nor do I know how make my own alcoholic cocktails), but I did enjoy the wine that was brought to the event. I also didn't go out Friday or Saturday night to any of the local bars with the others because I'm just not into the bar scene at all anymore. - In terms of what I would like to see happen at future events (other than the few suggestions I've already made), I'm not much of an event planner (and hardly ever do group events like this), so it's not easy for me to come up with any other suggestions. - In terms of whether I experienced what you said it would be, for the most part, yes. I say "for the most part" because you sold it to me last summer at Michael B.'s house-warming party in Fall River, and my memory isn't the best on the details you provided on that day (other than it was a fun group getaway for shy gay men who are bears or bear admirers). Regarding your mission statement on the event, I can't recall what it was (if it was in writing), so you'd have to send it to me again or point me in the direction of where I can find it before I can provide feedback on that. I hope this helps others that might think of attending.  Thanks & Best regards,