Tim M. & Michael D.

Tim and I are sitting here having our coffee and want to let you know that the camaraderie and fellowship we experienced in Ogunquit was phenomenal. As this was my first time, meeting new people in the bear community, and with my partner, this was unique and special. The music, games and team building, gave both of us an opportunity to make new friendships we would not have been able to make anywhere else. Both of us still keep in touch with people we met in Maine.   Tim got to reconnect with people he had met through the group before on your events and we both feel like our circle of bears in our den has increased. The last trip provided an optimal balance of structured and free time. We really feel you did a fantastic job getting all of us into group activities and you did an amazing job with the cooking and production of the food, which I am sure was not an easy task. Let us know if we can help on the next trip and you can plan on both of us being there once you get the particulars in place.