Gee, The part I liked about the weekend most was the gathering at Toms the host of the Meet & Greet. I enjoy social events like that where we can get together and be able to talk to each other and flirt. The breakfast Saturday morning was great too. It was nice to sit on the front porch with everyone together. The dinner I had at the Front Porch was very good. I had the chicken Alfredo and couldn't finish it all there was so much. I also enjoyed the show put on by Gee, Alexia and Martin. As always they sing beautifully. The Inn we stayed at was very nice. Our room was real comfortable and our Innkeepers were great. They made a special breakfast for us on Sunday, which was very nice of them. If anything Gee kept us fed well that weekend. We even had a brunch on Sunday with the whole group again. It was just nice to get to know some new people and be able to sit and chat with them. Thanks Gee for putting on a wonderful weekend.